Board of Directors

The directors of K2 Energy with details of qualifications and experience are:

Sam Gazal, B Ec,

Non-executive Director

Sam has more than 35 years experience as a director of public and private companies. He graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Economics. He has been a director and significant shareholder in a number of successful companies including Gazal Industries Limited, Winthrop Investments Limited, Country Television Services Limited and Sunshine Broadcasting Network Limited. He is the major shareholder and chairman of the Roslyndale group of companies.

Ken Gaunt

Non-executive Director

Ken enjoyed significant commercial success since founding Electronic Banking Solutions Pty Ltd in 1998. As Managing Director, Ken developed the business before merging with Cash Card Australia Limited in 2003. Ken has been director of Cash Card Australia Limited and is an investor in many successful businesses in Australia and elsewhere. Ken was a board member and Australia’s representative of the ATM industry association and was a member of the customer advisory board of National Cash Register Company Limited.

Dr Robert Mears

MA in Physics (Oxford)
Ph.D. (University of Southampton)

Dr Robert Mears is recognised worldwide as one of the world’s leading experts in photonics – the synthesis of electronics and optical communication.
In the 1980’s Dr Mears addressed the challenge of increasing the capacity and speed of data transmission of fibre optic cables in the telecommunications industry by inventing an optical amplifier, known as the Erbium Doped Amplifier (“EDFA”). EDFA technology increased usable capacity of optical fibre by more than 1000 times. It was and remains a key enabling technology of the internet.